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 B:y Sasha H (Austratla)

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PostSubject: B:y Sasha H (Austratla)   Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:34 am

Making the Impossible Reality - How i Became dux of my college using the law of attraction

By Sasha H
from Australia

My name is Sasha. I am 34 years old and have used the law of attraction throughout my life, both consciously and unconsciously, creating both wonderful and awful outcomes, depending on what I have focused my attention on.

I want to share with you a story I have not told many people, about what happened in my life when I harnessed the power of the law of attraction. If you are experiencing doubt or fear, I hope my story offers you hope and inspires you to make your dreams a reality.

In my first year of high school I was teased and bullied so much that I became phobic of school and longed to have an excuse never to go back there again. I thought getting sick would be the perfect out. So I imagined getting sick, longed to get sick, prayed to get sick. I thought glandular fever would be perfect as I knew of others who had got it and ended up away from school for ages. The only problem was I was told it was the 'kissing disease', and that you could only catch it from kissing someone. I was way too scared of boys, was definitely not going to kiss one, so thought my dream of getting glandular fever was unachievable. However, after a while I began developing symptoms and feeling unwell. A doctor was the bearer of the good news - I had glandular fever! Mysteriously (as I sure hadn't kissed anyone) I now had the illness I had longed for. I was now allowed to stay at home and could avoid all the pain I experienced at school.

I was ill for a year and a half, avoiding the second half of year 7, and all of year 8. I believe now I manifested this illness with the power of my intention, but at the time I just thought it was good luck. In year 9 (the third year of high school) I began starving myself and shortly after became anorexic and bulimic. Consequently, my third and fourth years of high school were fraught with illness and absence from classes and a total lack of motivation academically. I failed most of my subjects between year 7 and 10.

I was now 16 years old and had missed most of the previous four years of my schooling. My self esteem was in tatters, as usual. But I realised that if I didn't take radical and immediate action I would be a total failure in life. And something in me shifted - I would not tolerate such low standards for myself any longer.

So I set upon a goal, one I thought was totally and utterly impossible - to be Dux of my college (student with the top grade). I thought my dream was impossible considering all the school I had missed and the fact that the only subjects I could do were arts. In the Australian education system at that time, all the arts subjects were penalised because they were considered 'soft' - no matter how high your marks were 10% of your grade for an arts subject was deducted. Maths and science subjects, on the other hand, automatically got a 10% bonus.

I was passionate about my goal because I wanted to prove to myself, my parents, and all the teachers who thought I was a never-do-well, that in fact I was smart, and I could do anything if I set my mind to it. I didn't really believe this was true about me as I didn't have any evidence in my life that I was smart, but I focused on my goal all the same.

Knowing nothing of the law of attraction at that time, I wrote in my school diary over and over, "I will be dux." I focused on, dreamt about, and visualised my goal - I hungered and longed for it. I worked hard throughout the last two years of high school. I knew that my competition for the highest honour of Dux - the top students in my year level - were all doing sciences and maths and would all get their bonus marks. The general thinking at that time in the school community was that it really was impossible to be Dux if you did the subjects I did, no matter how well you did in them, because maths and science would always win in the end. Nevertheless, my passion for my dream burned on.

Then came the end of year 12. I had given it my all. I knew that regardless of whether I was Dux, I would have no regrets as I had done my best. The day of the results came finally and to my total amazement my dream had become reality - I was Dux of my school! The 'smartest' kid at school with all the maths and sciences had not even come close to me. And to top it off, I had achieved such a phenomenal result that I was placed in the top 1.5 % of the entire state I lived in!

At the school assembly farewelling year 12s I gave a speech to the whole school. In it I told them, "I had a dream. If I can do this, anyone can."

The feelings of euphoria I experienced on that day cannot be articulated. When I need to remind myself of my personal power I remember this achievement and am strengthened and inspired by it to this day. To me it proves that even if you don't have complete faith, if you continue to feel passionate about your goal, and you take actions to make it happen, even things that you believe, and everyone tells you are impossible, can be made real in the world.

I wish you all the inspiration and courage you need to make your dreams a reality.
About Sasha H from Australia:
I am deeply grateful for a blessed life.
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B:y Sasha H (Austratla)
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