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 By: JoAnn H (Alabama)

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PostSubject: By: JoAnn H (Alabama)   Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:31 am

By JoAnn H
from Alabama

I began hearing about The Secret when it began circulating on the talk shows. I thought, "You have got to be kidding me!" I knew it would never work, and no-one was going to convince me that I could have whatever I really wanted as long as I "put it out there into the universe."

But I started talking about it more and more after I kept seeing it more and more in different places at different times. I would pick up the book and look at it but never buy it. I looked at it every time I got near the book aisle or in a book store. I decided I wanted the book so I could read it for myself, and I found myself putting a book list on the refrigerator that included - The Secret.

Before I got it into my home, I had decided I would put up my dream list on the refrigerator. My thought was, "I'll do this and prove that it doesn't work!" Well, only 24 hours after I put up my list, one of the things on it was given to me, then yet another of the same item was given to the household just days later! On my list I have THINGS I want, things I want to accomplish, etc. My daughter thought I was a nut. Then SHE bought me the book!!

Afterwards, she put something on the list! Then I put something else up there for her - to win big at the casino, and she did! It was enough to put a down payment on her car, which fulfilled TWO wishes on the board!

To date we have had our desires fulfilled six times, and there is still more to come. Now I am sure of it! We have only had our board up for about a month and half! I even made my own check and put it on my bedroom wall so I could look at it every day as I got out of bed. I got a little side-tracked when my elderly dog died recently, but that was temporary. I even have to say that without the knowledge I have gained, I might not have been able to release her as easily as I did.

And you know, come to think of it, as I am writing about it, the reason I wrote that check in the first place have been covered by the dream board!! WOW! It really does work! Thank you so much for it all. My life will be forever changed by something I laughed at at first! You only have to believe.

About JoAnn H from Alabama:

I, like others I have read about here, was a sexually, emotionally abused, and neglected child. I had a horrible childhood, and from that gave myself a horrible time throughout different times in my adult life. The Secret is helping me change all that! I will never again concentrate on any of that negative stuff that has kept me down for so long. From here on out, it will be "My Secret," and I will never give it energy again. Never.
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By: JoAnn H (Alabama)
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