The Illuminati is an ancient secret society that seeks to bring about a New World Order based on the principle that everyone has it within them to literally become God. This website presents the Illuminati's radical vision for a new humanity and provides
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 By: Panchi (Canada)

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PostSubject: By: Panchi (Canada)   Wed Jul 13, 2011 4:35 am

By Panchi
from Canada

I came to know about LOA when I was going through a breakup and I was very much depressed. I was all sad and unhappy for almost one year. Then I came to know about the LOA while I was surfing the net, and in about fifteen days I was happier than ever.

I was having a bad time in my studies... I was on probation and if I did not receive a GPA of 2.0 or higher, I would be suspended. I didn’t do that well in my final and I got kind of worried. But then I pulled myself back and used the LOA. I visualised myself getting a GPA above 2.1 for about a week.

Today I received my results at 5pm and guess what? I did it, I got a GPA above 2... I was jumping up and down. Thank you universe. Very Happy Now my real dream is to do acting. I always had this dream but I was just afraid to bring that to the surface, but thanks to LOA, now I know what I want in life, what it is that makes me happy. I have entered myself into a contest and I know this is my first step to my acting career. I have placed my foot into the industry. By July 2012, I will be shooting for my first film... I know deep within, it is on its way. Day by day I am getting closer and closer to my dream.

So guys don't be afraid to dream. No matter how big or small your dream is, the universe has the power to fulfill it all. So just ask and believe that it’s yours, and the universe will bring it to you.

Thank you universe.
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By: Panchi (Canada)
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